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Quoting wikipedia “Traditional headshots are still taken in a studio setting, though shots "on-location" or "in-the-field" continue to increase in popularity. In both cases, backgrounds continue to be simple. Subjects are often shown head-to-midchest, or from head to just above the waist. In the late twentieth century, executives were usually shown formally, wearing suits and shirts. In the last decade, many executives have selected a more casual, approachable image for their headshots, reflecting a culture that no longer dresses formally in the workplace. »


Whether you are a business executive, salesperson, or aspiring employee, your headshot says a lot, not only about who you are, but also about who you want to be. Make a statement. Leave a lasting impression. Whether for your business card, website, marketing materials, your resume, or social networking page, a headshot will play an important role in how you make contact with the world. We will make you a portrait that you will be proud to use.

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